Epididymal Harvesting

Epididymal Sperm Harvesting is a new and unique process in which we can extract semen from the testes after a neuter or after an unforeseen circumstance. Upon extraction, we evaluate, freeze, and store. This is an exciting opportunity for those who wish to preserve their breeding program. We work with your veterinarian and keep all services confidential.

International Canine Semen Bank Atlanta offers an extensive range of professional products and services that will compliment your clients’ wants and needs. ICSB Atlanta is a specialized Canine Semen Bank that offers canine semen cryopreservation services in a mobile and laboratory setting. We also offer multiple dog accounts.

Evaluation and Freezing of Canine Semen

Many working parts go into the evaluation and freezing of canine semen. Upon collection of semen, we evaluate the sperm count and motility to check the quality of the ejaculate. If the sperm meets the criteria, we begin the freezing process.

Fresh and Chilled Shipment of Semen

We take care of the shipment and write an evaluation report to send with the semen from our in-office laboratory. We provide all necessary forms and information needed to successfully ship the semen domestically or out of the country. Our staff is experienced in shipments, allowing us to stay up to date on requirements so your shipment doesn’t run into any unexpected issues with customs.

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ICSB Atlanta Mobile Unit with full Lab

We offer the following services in our office and mobile laboratory:

  • Canine semen collection, evaluation, freezing, and storage

  • DNA typing and identification

  • Breeding assistance with fresh and cooled semen

  • Artificial insemination, products, and instructions

  • Surgical implant referrals

  • Reproduction workups for studs and bitches

  • Breeding consultations

  • Export bloodwork panels for semen export to foreign countries

  • Fresh and cooled extended semen kits for transportation to the bitch owner

  • Organize breeding arrangements for bitches including progesterone’s and timing

Freezing Techniques

There are currently two techniques used to freeze canine semen: the straw method and the pellet method. The first successful insemination with frozen canine semen was in 1970, using the pellet method. When freezing canine semen, the pellet method allows changes in temperature to occur very quickly as the pellets are only 1/16 the volume of the .5mL straws. This increases the sperm viability. The American Kennel Club supported an eight-year study (1971-1979) and they concluded that the pellet method has a higher number of viable sperm cells during the freezing process. After thawing the semen, more sperm cells were recovered with a high motility. When comparing the straw method and pellet method, the pelletized canine semen was 20-60% higher depending on the size of the straws that were used. Conception rates of 73-85% are reported by users of the straw method compared to the 93% conception rate when using pellets surgically with proper progesterone tests on the bitch. The litter size using the pellet method averages a normal size while the straw method will often produce smaller than normal litters.

Shipment Instructions

Chilled Semen – Collection and Shipment
  • Notify of collection and shipment as soon as possible. This allows us to collect information such as progesterone numbers and female’s progressions.
  • Fill out Shipping Chilled Semen form.
  • Pay for shipment.
  • Collection appointments should be scheduled in the morning for shipping purposes. If a collection must be done after 2:00 pm, it is required for the package to be manually delivered to Fed-Ex.
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